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Find and Book Your Ideal Space
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	1)	Find a space – Search our listings for an Acting, Dance, Music, or Yoga/Pilates space in your neighborhood. 	2)	Check availability – Apply the date filter to check availability in the HourSpaces Calendar.  	3)	Book the space – Book the space and pay via PayPal or call the space owner directly to find other available times.   	4)	Use the space – Rehearse, teach, audition, showcase, perform, or film in the space.
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One of the best things about working on Hourspaces is learning about so many interesting things going on in the city. A prime example: the 52nd Street Project. Their stated mission is dedication to the creation and production of new plays for, and often by, kids from 9-18 who live in Hells Kitchen. The Project matches kids with mentors, including big names like Edie Falco and ...

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